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Digital Signage Solutions – BrandAux – Brand Management Company


Introduction to Display Technology

BrandAux Next-gen Digital Signage Solution
BrandAux stands out as an ultra-responsive, instantaneous, and tailored digital signage solution, designed to significantly boost your engagement and sales by a remarkable 3X-5X. This is achieved through leveraging the exceptional advantages and features inherent in digital signage displays.

The distinctive benefits of BrandAux’s digital signages lie in their capability to centrally manage and oversee an extensive array of real-time multimedia formats, including videos and social media content. Furthermore, the utilization of cutting-edge underlying technologies enhances its capacity to craft a highly personalized experience for both customers and the audience.

Benefits of BrandAux Digital Signage Software

Drive engagement

Change the way you communicate with your customers or employees by using free digital signage apps and templates. Utilize the power of our cloud based digital signage software to create dynamic content.

Build stronger teams

Streamline internal communication and boost productivity with our free digital signage software. As a cloud based digital signage platform, Yodeck helps you manage remotely multiple screens for your offices.

Maximize revenue

Display promotions, offers & products on screens to influence the customers’ behaviour. Schedule content, and playlists, use video walls, and more to create a vibrant environment for your visitors.

A closer look at how BrandAux works


Digital signage solutions

From retail to restaurants, healthcare to education, digital signage gets your message to the right people at the right time.

Restaurants, Cafés and Bars

Create vibrant menu boards, cross-sell items and schedule seasonal promotions.


Engage and inform commuters with real-time transport updates and useful content.


Streamline communication and accelerate collaboration.


Foster enriched learning environments that keep students informed & promote a sense of community.


Promote events, advertise opportunities, help with wayfinding, and get your message across.


Showcase sales, deals and new arrivals in your store to stimulate purchases.


Create a dazzling guest experience and upsell your amenities.


Enhance your patients’ and visitors’ experience with awareness campaigns & wayfinding.


Instantly communicate with and engage your workforce across all locations. Display productivity goals and safety alerts.


Modernize the bank environment with our powerful signage solution.


The community stays informed with up-to-date announcements via government digital signage.

Real Estate

Offer more engaging experiences to potential buyers with real estate digital signage.
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