Case study PP Gokarting – BrandAux – Brand Management Company Case study PP Gokarting – BrandAux – Brand Management Company
Case study PP Gokarting – BrandAux – Brand Management Company
Case Study

PP GoKarting

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Integrated Campaign for Lead Generation and Brand Awareness

About This Project

we were thrilled to collaborate with PP Gokarting, a dynamic entertainment destination located on the 3rd floor of Sarath City Capital Mall, Whitefields, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. PP Gokarting is the ultimate go-to destination for exhilarating indoor go-karting, bull rides, dashing cars, kids’ trampolines, and even an airplane ride. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, a rodeo champion, or seeking family fun, PP Gokarting has curated a diverse range of attractions to ensure excitement for all ages.

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PP Gokarting
3rd Floor, Sarath City Capital Mall, Whitefields, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
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Challenges Faced:

In executing the marketing campaign for PP Gokarting, we encountered specific challenges endemic to the entertainment and leisure industry:
  1. Market Saturation:
    • The entertainment sector in Hyderabad is highly competitive. Standing out amidst established and emerging competitors required a nuanced approach.
  2. Diverse Audience:
    • Catering to a diverse audience, from thrill-seeking adults to families with young children, posed the challenge of creating a campaign that resonated with each segment.
  3. Consumer Awareness:
    • Despite being a premier destination, PP Gokarting faced the challenge of low awareness among potential customers. Overcoming this hurdle was crucial for lead generation and brand positioning.

Objectives Defined:

In light of these challenges, our objectives were crafted to address key aspects:
  1. Lead Generation:
    • Generate a substantial volume of high-quality leads to drive footfall and engagement with PP Gokarting’s offerings.
  2. Brand Awareness:
    • Elevate the visibility of PP Gokarting to establish it as the top-of-mind entertainment destination within the competitive landscape.
  3. Targeted Marketing:
    • Tailor marketing strategies to resonate with the diverse audience, ensuring that each attraction at PP Gokarting reached its specific target demographic.

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

Our approach to the PP Gokarting project encompassed several key elements that contributed to its success:

1.Audience-Centric Approach:
Crafting content and strategies that spoke directly to the interests and desires of the diverse target audience, ensuring maximum resonance.

2.Creative Content Creation:
Developing engaging and shareable content that not only showcased the thrill of go-karting but also brought to life the unique attractions offered by PP Gokarting.

3.Data-Driven Optimization:
Regularly analyzing performance metrics to identify trends, optimize campaigns, and allocate resources efficiently.

4.Transparent Communication:
Maintaining open and transparent communication with PP Gokarting, ensuring that our strategies aligned with their business goals and objectives.


Over a three-month period, our ad campaign for the client has demonstrated remarkable success. Generating 1,217 leads at an exceptionally low cost per lead (CPL) of ₹19, the campaign showcases both efficiency and impact. With a high conversion ratio of 62% and adept budget optimization within a monthly budget of ₹18,000, our targeted advertising strategy has proven highly effective. The success is attributed to a well-defined target audience, strategic ad placements, and an agile approach with continuous monitoring. Moving forward, we recommend scaling this success, refining content based on performance, and exploring audience segmentation for more targeted strategies. This case study underscores our ability to deliver tangible and cost-efficient results in the dynamic landscape of digital advertising.

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